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    Meet Attorney Keith Herbert

    Keith Herbert is a tireless fighter for his clients. He attended NYU undergraduate and received his Juris Doctorate degree from the prestigious Fordham School of Law in New York City. He began his injury law career in South Florida and has been admitted to practice in NY, FL, TX, and CO. With over 30 years of experience, Keith has handled thousands of injury cases with excellent results including an out of court settlement in excess of One Million Dollars.

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    Mr. Herbert's Current Bar Licenses

    Texas Bar #: 24071866
    Florida Bar #: 0612601

    Biljana "Billie" Herbert

    Billie Herbert is a battle-tested attorney who fights for her clients, whether she is negotiating a settlement or championing their cause in the court of law. She is familiar with being in the position of being the underdog because she is an immigrant who fled a communist nation in order to create a life of affluence and freedom for her children. When she is representing her clients, she does so with the same tenacity.

    Billie received her Juris Doctor degree from the Texas A&M University School of Law. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University. She is an expert in mediation, negotiation, litigation, and mass torts, and she has successfully argued emergency situations in state court. Her areas of specialty also include mass torts.

    Billie served as Office Director at a major national personal-injury legal firm for nearly three decades before to becoming an attorney. During that time, she oversaw the favorable conclusion of tens of thousands of cases and was responsible for the firm's overall operations.

    Working Hand in Hand With Our Clients

    A lawyer you can talk to, Keith has been helping injured clients, one by one, for over 30 years. As such, he has always talked with his clients on a regular basis to explain the law and how the law works. Keith provides legal evaluations to his clients of their claims and reviews medical records, evidence and insurance coverages with them in order that the client maintains a full understanding of the process of his or her individual case. MOREOVER, HIS CLIENTS PARTICIPATE WITH HIM IN DISCUSSIONS DETERMINING THE DIRECTION OF THEIR CASE. It has always been Keith’s philosophy that teamwork between the lawyer and the client builds the most effective claim. We also have a helpful and caring staff that is always concerned with your injury treatment and your injury progress as well as with the development of your legal claim. We maintain a 24/7 “800” number as clients are not always able to call during regular hours.

    How Strong is My Case?

    Why not get on the phone now with Keith - NO CHARGE, NO PRESSURE - and go over your case with him. Let Mr. Herbert, with his years of experience and knowledge, analyze and evaluate your case, point by point. Remember, claims are normally opened against large and powerful insurance companies that simply are not concerned with your injuries and your losses, but rather with finding a way to avoid paying your honest claim. Mr. Herbert stands ready to run interference for you and fight for you against those big insurance companies.