A lawyer you can pick up your phone and talk to almost anytime, attorney Keith Herbert has been helping the injured, one by one, for over twenty-five years. He also talks with his clients on a regular basis explaining what the law says and how it works, providing the client early-on with legal evaluations of their claim, reviewing their medical records as well as the evidence and insurance coverages in order that the client maintains a continuing understanding of how their case is progressing.

Our Philosophy

It is regular communication between the client and attorney that builds the strongest case.

How Strong is My Case?

Why not get on the phone with Keith now – NO CHARGE, NO PRESSURE – and go over your case with him.

Let Mr. Herbert, with his years of experience and knowledge, analyze and evaluate your case, point by point. Remember, claims are normally opened against large and powerful insurance companies that simply are not concerned with your injuries or your losses, but rather with finding a way to avoid paying you the full value of your honest claim. Mr. Herbert stands ready to run interference for you and fight for you against those big insurance companies.